Agile and user-centred design training courses

Introduction: transform your ways of working

An introduction to agile ways of working, user-centred design and the governance and culture to empower your team and mission.

Live and remote over Zoom

Learn in small groups (20 people max)

4 hours of learning

1-hour add-on learning modules available

£260 per person (+ VAT)

What you will learn

This course has three modules plus a reflection and review session. We will be covering: An introduction to agile ways of working, An introduction to working with user needs and An introduction to culture & governance that empowers teams.

Module 1: An introduction to agile ways of working

  • Understand the Agile Principles and the problems they’re designed to solve
  • Experience a typical week in an agile team and learn about:
    • ‘stand-up’ meetings and frequent communication
    • short planning cycles and how they’re managed
    • retrospectives and regular reflection and learning
    • demos, show and tells and communicating with your organisation

Module 2: An introduction to working with user needs

  • Understand the benefits of a user-centred approach
  • Try out techniques for researching and mapping user insights
  • Learn how teams start with the user need to make decisions and create next steps in content design, service design and more.

Module 3: An introduction to culture & governance that empowers teams

  • Practical mindset and culture examples to empower and motivate your whole team
  • Learn how to measure and report on outcomes
  • Take-away governance strategies to track what matters

Module 4: Reflections, questions and next steps

  • Reflect together and re-visit the key learnings
  • Show and tell your own examples of putting a new technique into practice
  • Get support and ideas for the next steps of your learning journey

Book your place

Over two sessions

4-hour session (including breaks) on a single day, with a 1-hour follow-up reflections session the week after


  • Tue 8 November 10am-2pm GMT
  • With a follow up on Tue 15 November 10am-11am GMT

Booking is for single places, if you want to book more than one place or need an invoice, please get in touch.

Optional add-on module Introduction: UK Government Service Standard and delivery lifecycle available when you book.